Otee Sketches

Otee (Omniversal Trader) is my son.

When I was a dealer at conventions, I would wander around looking for business. My son carried everything we were selling in a large backpack. It got to be a running joke that he had "everything" you could ask for in that bag.

I wanted to get a nice piece of art to use on business cards, so while at Motor City Comic Con, I got friendly with William Messner-Loebs. We had dinner together, with his lovely wife, and attended a show presented by actor Dean Haglund.

The next day I talked to him about the logo quest. In return, he drew the fabulous first piece in this collection.

I then found myself looking for more artists to do their rendition of Otee for me. This collection is the result of that quest.

Arthur Suydam

Ben Dunn

Blake Wilke

Cully Hamner

David K Wong

Gw Fisher

Mark Texiera

Michael Golden

Otto Dieffenbach

Phil Foglio

Rhiannon Owens

Ritchie At Big Rux Studios

Sanford Greene

Tom Hodges

William Messner Loebs