What If Scott Summers (Cyclops) Became The President Of The USA?

In an alternate universe where time flows differently, people feel differently, a very intriguing thing happens, mutants are not vilified, rather, they are exalted as heroes.

In fact, mutants are integrated in the society a decade earlier than they appeared in our (616) universe.

When orphan Scott Summers is visiting New York City with the Orphanage group, Scott drifts/sneaks off to see more of the city.

As he walks by a construction site, with people crowding the sidewalks around it, a huge crane buckles in the wind. As it falls towards the crowded streets, Scott uses his optic beams to push the crane back into the unmanned construction site. The crowd mills about Scott, pushing close in to him...Then three of the bigger men lift him up and loudly yell "You saved us ALL!". The crowd picks up the chant "Saved Us ALL" and lifts Scott up and "crowd surfs" him around.

As the crowd is exclaiming this, a long black limousine, caught behind the crowd, lowers the back passenger side, inside is J. Jonah Jameson, Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Bugle newspaper.

Seeing an opportunity, exits the vehicle and as the crowd finally lets Scott back to the ground, JJJ approaches him and asks him to come the Bugle to be interviewed for the story. Scott agrees and they go to the newspaper.

As Scott is being interviewed, the matron from the Orphanage barges in and demands that Scott return with her. JJJ learning that Scott is an orphan immediately starts the adoption process (JJJ is seeing bigger things for Scott/Himself).

JJJ arranges it so that Scott (with staff photographer Peter Parker) does ride-alongs with the Police and Fire Departments. Where, of course, Scott uses his power to aid them greatly in their tasks, becoming "The Hero of New York", with daily front page articles in the Bugle.

After Scott finishes his college degree, and his father, JJJ, is elected Mayor of NYC, Scott wants do more than just be a superhero, and wants to get into politics, and JJJ supports him, helping Scott get elected as a New York State representative, then a year later, when a US Senator passes away, barely 1 year into his term, Scott is asked to take his place.

While in the Senate, he becomes a great friend to the junior Senator from Massachusetts, one John F. Kennedy. When JFK runs for President, he asks Scott to be his VP/running mate. Scott declines and JFK takes Johnson instead, and wins the election.

JFK later asks Scott to lead a special ops team of superheros to do things that the military can not do.

Many missions are completed, including the liberation of Cuba from Castro.

On November 22, 1963, JFK was riding in the presidential limousine, when he was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the hospital...But, the next day, it is revealed that the person actually killed was a mutant Secret Service Agent Kevin Sydney, whose code name was "Morph". The FBI had telepathically heard chatter in the Dallas area about an assassination attempt, and had taken the precaution of substituting Morph for JFK.

Immediately upon receiving this news, Vice-President Johnson resigns and goes into seclusion on his ranch in Texas, where he had already installed state-of-the-art anti-telepathic dampeners all around the ranch.

With LBJ out of the picture, JFK again asks Scott to step up, and this time he does, just to help his best friend.

As re-election time rolled around, JFK convinces Scott to stay on. Nearly a year into the campaign, JFK becomes seriously ill, turning the race over to Scott. Scott in turn selects billionaire Warren Worthington III as his VP running mate, they win in a landslide.

Scott makes a decision to have the majority of his cabinet be friends of his in the mutant community. Joining his cabinet are: Doctor (Professor) Charles Xavier (Ambassador to the UN), Robert "Bobby" Drake Esq. (Secretary of The Treasury, Max Eisenhardt (Secretary of Defense), Doctor Jean Grey (Chief of Staff), Doctor Henry "Hank" McCoy (Secretary of Health and Human/Mutant Services), and others.

It is inauguration day (cover art by Jimbo Salgado is the first image in the story).

Thus BEGINS our story.

Became President Of The Usa Art By Jimbo Salgado

Cyclops Hero Of New York

Dc Map Alien Embassies Landing Zone

Page 1 Art By Myke Guisinga

Page 2 Art By Myke Guisinga

Summers First Administration Air Force One

Summers Second Administration Air Force One